Work with Carolynne

Work with Carolynne


Personal Development should be as unique as you are.

Presence | Expansion | Sovereignty

One size doesn't fit all but there are universal principles that are treaded through everything I teach.

Self-confessed modality magpie, Carolynne has studied, practised and embodied as wide-ranging methodologies as NLP, Reiki and Proctor Gallagher's Thinking into Results.

My 18+ years of growth and embodiment has formed a unique perspective and take on leadership, personal growth and spirituality.

Beyond Business

Working as your coach in business doesn't stop when you leave to go home.

Clients have seen marked improvements in all parts of their lives.

Family, relationships, health, wellness, time-out, play, adventure are all fuelled by the same principles.

Shaping Culture

My vision is for my clients to become the greatest version of themselves so we can create a New Earth based on presence, expansion and sovereignty.

Remember, everything you need is inside of you.

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  • I only work with people who I feel are 100% ready to commit to making radical shifts in their lives.


A 4-week deep dive into your Highest Purpose and how to Manifest your Legacy.

Where the level-ups are limitless.

LIVE YOUR LEGACY is for powerful, ambitious women ready to step into their true power.

This unique group container has been designed for an intimate community to thrive and grow so you can life authentically as your highest self.

It's time to get real. You know you have what it takes, now you get to dig it out. Working in a group fuels your advancement because of the intimate connections you make on your journey.

Women often don't see how brilliant they are so running with a community of dedicated and caring women who want to level up is massively empowering.


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