The Intuition Almanac

The Intuition Almanac

Daily Spiritual Support from The Sovereign Woman.

Life and learning aren't linear, they're cyclical.

By the cycle of the moon, the weeks, the months or by the year, the Intuition Almanac has daily rituals, teaching and embodiment practices for your journey into the *Vortex.

*The Vortex is the never ending cycle of levelling up during your time on Earth. It can be disorientating and confusing, allow the your intuition to guide you on your journey with the support of the Intuition Almanac.

Transforming your shadows, working with energy, understanding your Human Design, working with your Intuition through Tarot and teachings from the Gene Keys are some of the alchemy available to you in the Almanac.

There is no need to create habits or daily practices (unless you want to). Each day is designed to move with the energy of the planets so you can always perfectly in time for what you need.

Dip into each day, see what your intuition calls you to take notice of and allow the magic to work.

There are also lunar monthly focus points where we will use the energy of the month to focus on one larger topic to shift your awareness and embody the teachings.

Here are some of the monthly focus topics. Subject to change but all going to be incredibly juicy.

  • The Alchemy of your Design - A journey through the Human Design Centres
  • Archetypes of the Major Arcana - Using Tarot as an embodiment practice

The 2022 Intuition Almanac will be available for the Spring 2022 Season. Date TBC so sign up for updates.

The pricing will be £33.33 per month for access.

The Museletter

Your weekly invite to go deeper to get to know yourself and living in alignment.

  • Living your Human Design
  • Inspiration and Intuition from Tarot
  • Astro Happenings + Transits
  • Exploration into The Gene Keys

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